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I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the completion of our project to put a roof over my existing deck. This has added an outdoor living area to enjoy year round. Since our back yard had virtually no shade in the summer, it will make summer so much more enjoyable for everybody.

It was a pleasure working with you and all of the crew that participated in the project. You helped me so much with suggestions and giving me options I would not have considered. All I had to do was ask a question and you were on it which made it very easy for me as I did not have to worry about things getting done correctly. You were always there to discuss any questions I had and to work up satisfactory solutions.

As you know, I live in a community with a HOA and my neighbors (and friends) have all remarked at how well the roof tied in with the existing roof to look like it was built at the time the house was originally constructed – a true testimonial to your work.

If you ever need to show it to anyone for a visual effect please feel free to give me a call. I know how helpful it can be to see a finished project to understand what it will look like in the end.

I will definitely call on you for any future projects.
~ Suzanne Cavenaugh

I can highly recommend Phil Christmas. He built our house in 2010 and we have been extremely pleased with the results as well as the process. Phil is an honest, straight forward individual who worked with our wishes in mind. He hired high quality subs and stood behind their work. He was always easy to get in contact with and was very communicative, often initiating discussions or seeking input from us. We had a very pleasant experience building our home and were very satisfied throughout the building process and with the finished product. We had very few items on our punch list and even less at the 1-year touch-up. Phil never hesitated to address our concerns and to remedy the few mistakes and imperfections we found. He impressed all our neighbors by personally introducing himself and giving them his mobile phone number in case they had any concerns or complaints during the construction. Because of our interactions, we have maintained a personal relationship with him to this day.
~ Steve Good

Phil did great work on a few jobs at our house. On top of the high quality work, he is a great communicator and also provides a written proposal of work to be done. I highly recommend Phil for any residential construction work.
~ Mark Arcuri

My husband and I had been looking to renovate our master bath. Since it previously had been enlarged, but never completely renovated we knew it would be a big job. After getting a few estimates a friend of mine who is also a real estate broker referred us to Phil Christmas Construction.

In December 2011 Phil came to our home and surveyed the job. We were very impressed with the way he listened to what we wanted and throughout the entire job, never felt rushed or pressured into making quick decisions. He then brought in an architect and an interior decorator that designed two floor plans. The plan we chose cost a little more, but was perfect for the new shape and size of the bathroom. It was well worth the additional cost.

Phil then presented us with a proposal, a time line and a detailed estimate. Throughout the entire process we were impressed with the work crews. They showed up every day, always the time we were told and worked full days. Phil kept us updated with each step taken and from day one always answered or returned our calls right away. When other issues came up Phil made sure they were taken care of without delay. Debris was removed and cleaned up at the end of every day.

Phil and his sub-contract crew were extremely professional from beginning to end. We never thought a job this size could go so smoothly. In the future my husband and I will definitely call Phil Christmas Construction when we want to make updates to our home.

~ Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

In the spring of 2012 my wife and I began to explore the possibility of adding a screened porch to our home. I knew Phil from our fishing club and had seen work he had done for friends. I was always pleased with the quality of his work and always heard rave reviews about how he had done what he had promised. I had also heard he was not going to be the least expensive bid we might get, but what he did was always first class and completed on time. Phil came to our home and he listened to what we wanted to do. He asked good questions and got us thinking about all facets of the project. Then he recommended we use his architect to draw up some plans for us to evaluate. I was not sure we needed that step, but it proved to be an excellent idea and served us well as we looked various ways to design and build our screened porch.

I cannot stress how pleased we were with all of Phil’s subcontract crews as well as the time he spent on making sure we were informed at every stage of the project. He was there daily to inspect the work and make sure we were happy with the way things were being done. Our project was completed on time, on budget and when small issues arose he was always there to make sure anything that needed to be changed or redone was totally to our satisfaction. Little things like boards warping, nails coming out or doors needing small adjustments as things settled were all handled promptly and to our complete satisfaction.

We have enjoyed our new addition and have never questioned our decision to us Phil Christmas. He was not the lowest bid we received, but he was within 10% of our other bids and there is no doubt in our mind that he and his crews were worth the first class service we received. As a matter of fact Phil was recently in our home and we are having him do another renovation on our property. My wife and I have no reservations in recommending Phil Christmas for any home remodeling, or home building projects as we know his reputation, integrity and the quality of his work.

~ Jim and Sharon Gibbons

In 2012, we extended an existing roof line out over our patio and converted it into a screened in porch. After obtaining bids, we chose Phil Christmas, in spite of the fact that he was not the lowest bid, but because of his earnest interest in what we wanted to accomplish, suggestions for improving our ideas (even before he got the job), and recommendations from friends.

Phil provided a detailed written proposal of work to be done. During planning, he made sure that all of the columns, ceiling, and trim would match existing construction so that no one can now tell that the porch was not always there. It was also comfortable to know that he had an engineer on his team to evaluate safe roof and wind updraft loads for the new roof.

During construction, he monitored the work site daily and kept us informed about the status of each facet of the work (concrete, carpentry, roofing, sheet rock, painting, etc.). His workmen kept the job site clean and safe.

A great communicator, Phil willingly answered all of our questions and resolved any issues to our satisfaction with no push-back. When problems were discovered with the existing roof, he researched solutions and consulted with us on the best way to move forward. Work was completed on time with no cost over runs.
My wife and I are very pleased with our new porch. We now have a high quality addition that adds to the integrity and value of our home. We found Phil to be very personable, reliable, and honest. We would not hesitate to use him and his company again, and we have no reservations in recommending Phil Christmas for any residential remodeling or home repair projects.

~William Bennett

Phil is a great guy who deals with people with integrity and honesty. I was a professional builder for 25 years and was always glad to see him and talk to him. His knowledge is hard won and serves him well. His attention to detail is due to his experience in the field. I would recommend him to anyone that were to ask me about him. He is the real deal.

~ Jim Shaw, Agent, New York Life Insurance Company

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